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Gaucho Box

Picanha | Flank Steak | Beef Short Rib | Pork Rib | Brazilian Sausage

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All the cuts you need to grill like a Brazilian gaucho! Purchase our gaucho grill package and make a statement at your next grill party!

Our Gaucho Box package includes:

  • x1 2 pack of Picanha USDA Choice Trimmed Ready to Skewer (2 lbs total)
  • x1 Flank, Sirloin Flap, USDA Choice (2 lbs)
  • x1 Beef Short Rib USDA Choice Bone-In (5 lbs)
  • x1 Pork Rib, St. Louis Style Center Cut (3 lbs)
  • x1 Texas de Brazil, Hickory Smoked Brazilian Sausage (3 lbs)


This product is a Texas de Brazil meat product, and is subject to the category’s return policy: All meat product sales are final, with no returns or exchanges.  We guarantee the quality of the product prior to shipping – we cannot take any responsibility to loss, damage or spoilage during shipping.  We may provide a replacement product under certain circumstances. If you’d like to appeal for a product replacement, please email [email protected] directly or submit a message via our contact page with the subject ‘Online Order,’ the order number, and a brief description of why you are looking to exchange the item.

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