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Product Expiration and Meat Condition Upon Arrival

Thank you for ordering from the Texas de Brazil Butcher Shop! Please read the below, as it pertains to the condition of the meats you’ve ordered upon arrival.

All of our meat products are labeled with ‘fresh’ expiration date, which indicates the use by date if the product were kept fresh from the time of its packaging. If meats are frozen, they will last 1 year beyond the expiration date listed on the meat package.

Our meats are kept frozen at our processing facility until your order is sent out and is packaged in a thermal box and bag along with gel coolants to keep the product as fresh as possible during transit. Upon receiving your package, the meat goods should be cold and perhaps slightly thawed (depending on the time in transit). Upon receiving your order, please put the meats into your freezer as soon as possible, to continue to maintain the freshness of the products. If you’d like to grill immediately, you may leave it out to complete the thawing process.

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